Thursday, June 16, 2011

done & will be complete soon

Praise be to ALLAH, Lord of the Universe, Who has give me the blessings and strength in order to complete my  "bachelor"

Thanks to ALLAH..I'm done in my studying..
and hope will be complete (graduate) soon in October

My deepest appreciation goes to my lovely ..."mak n ayah" and my siblings for their endless love, support and understanding throughout the completion of my "bachelor". My appreciation of their encourage are very heartfelt indeed, and may ALLAH reward them.

My warmest gratitude to all lecturers for the invaluable knowledge they gave me during my studying..also my friends for sharing their knowledge and valuable thought and their willingness to listen

--> ayat di atas adalah diciplak dari fyp sy..haha..tu yang ayat macam nak buat karangan..hehe..

pic ni takde sekadar hiasan